Cult to the Holy Death

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Cult to the Holy Death

The cult of the Holy Death is not accepted by the Catholic Church, for that reason there is not existing temple in this region.

       If you do decide to initiate this cult, pray so that your feelings are always oriented towards a place that will allow you to develop your intelligence, spiritual growth and find mission to live accordingly to the cosmic plans.






       The cult of the Holy Death is not accepted by the Catholic Church, for that reason there is no existing temple in this region where it may be praised. However, it may be praised in altars and places where Santeria and voodoo are worshiped along with other combined prehispanic tendencies.

       It is also recommended to attend sites where temples in honor to ancestors where built, because according to High Magic, these places are surrounded by energies that protect and look out for the legacy. These places are perfect to bring about the summoning of the Holy Death. It's recommended that you search deep inside of you and prepare yourself prior to living these expreiences. Could be risks at large if you don't prepare yourself properly.

       What these risks really are is energies that may want to occupacy and influence in certain people's bodies. They may bring sickness, they may disturb and they may cause strange symptoms.

       You may also choose a natural spot, of which caves seem to be favorites. Its dim light, its silence and wind currents bring about a proper place of worship. The candles and the candle light will allow you the prayers of the Underworld to intercede by cause. Images of historic memories will bring about pending events.

       If your search is for peace, happiness, evolution, the the light holds in its hand a very powerful key that will open the door only to those whom carry a noble spirit. Never forget that power withholds destruction, wisdom synchronizes rhythm which turns events in mystic emotions that enlighten intellect.

May you reach peace.

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