Prayer for Money.

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Prayer for Money.

In This Prayer It Says a Statue, but a Picture Will Work Just Fine,As Long As It Comes from Your Heart and Soul.

Prayer for Money.

Santa Muerte.
I Come to Seek Your Help,
Bless Me and My Loved Ones Mi Madre
With Health, Work and Money.
Let the Flow of Gold, Silver and Green Rain Down on Me.
Bless Me With Steady Work.
Bless Me With Good Health.
Bless My Wallet With Extra Money.
and on Every Friday,
Nine Coins Will I Give to You,
a Yellow Flower I Will Give to You,
a Yellow Candle I Will Give to You
to Honor You and Thank You,
for Blessing Me With the Three Colors of Gold, Silver and Green.
and I Promise a Statue of You My Golden Queen.
a Gift That Comes from My Heart to You.
to Say Thank You Santa Muerte.
for Your Kindness.
to Thank You for Hearing My Prayer.


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