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   Here are their laws, we should follow willingly. Holy Death, our Sweet Lady says:



First Commandment

 "No I Subjects, Not Afraid To Death"

If you are afraid, it means you do not trust her, do not know her and you are not satisfied with what you do or what you have so far. That may be why you find no satisfaction and peace, you feel insecure and, therefore, can not be happy, nor make anyone happy.



Second Commandment

 "Love Life, Enjoy it Fully"

 Only love life and all that it offers you approach the Santa Muerte. It is the only way to understand what it means and where it can deliver the respect it deserves.


Third Commandment

 "You can only Worship of, Who I Know And I Respect"

 This command indicates that you must not only know and respect, but give your love and devotion infinitely.


Fourth Commandment

 "Prove Your Love, Do me a Altar Near You"

 The altar should put it in a special place in your home or business to honor the great love that she shows every time he hears your prayers and your supplications serving.

             By means of the altar, she will come and protect everything you love and you want more.


Fifth Commandment

 "In My Offerings Ni Ni La Plata Gold save anyone"

 Let me tell of all your wonders and rejoice in thee, O sweet lady! Because you hold my right and my cause and judge righteously infinite.


 Sixth Commandment

 "Never promise something which I can not Comply Or Do not Think"

 Before heading to Santa Muerte, you should think carefully and ask your heart what you will promise, because the power of the White Girl is infinite and His righteousness too. Failure to comply may bother you and stop listening to your prayers.


Seventh Commandment

 "Think Very Good The Things You ask Me As It Impossible To My Ni No Regrets"

 You must not let anger, hatred or the rancor invade your soul and your heart when you ask a favor to the Santa Muerte. Do not desire a bad to a brother to relieve your sorrows. Not let your heart need something or someone that is not owned.


Eighth Commandment

 "No Hagas Mal Use De My Power, Ni De My Name"

 When Thou Art realized that the power of the Santísima Muerte is infinite and knows no supplications impossible, you must ask you alienated from you the wickedness so that, the benefit of thy tranquility and your soul, alone ask and receive welfare.


Ninth Commandment

 "Dedicates A Day to My Plegarias"

 Whether in your temple or home altar, never forget to say a prayer and light a candle first and ninth day of the month. These days are enshrined to the Holy Lady.


Tenth Commandment

 "Remember Always Que Yo Estoy Aquí By Mandate De God. Do Not Destroy What He Has Created. No Destruyas El Mundo "

 If you let yourself guiding as a good servant by the Santísima Muerte, if you walk to her side, she not allow that happen.


Eleventh Commandment

 "No Des Reports False Ni Te Hagas Accomplice Del Malvado To Support La Injustice"

 This commandment teaches you should not twist what right, nor pervert justice. So we must ask for your help to get us back wise in heart and mighty in strength to defeat our adversaries.



Twelfth Commandment

 "DO NOT Share My Altar With Other Santos"

 La Santa Muerte is jealous. By this does not you must give opportunity to that this the worry: that she note that your heart belongs because the've done object of your praises


            Procura, finally, venerate, save and respect the ordinances and commandments of the Santísima Muerte, until the day she decides.

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