holy death of money prayer

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holy death of money  prayer

say this prayer every friday to the holy death of money and offer a yellow candle with 3 coins taped to it


Holy immortal death, that in this world always these,

That with the power of God and you.

Sister of light, I ask that you cleanse this money,

Product of my work and as a result of my business;

That every day to multiply without any problems.

Blessed death,

I will always be proud of you and the creator,

Removed the salt and bad luck of these coins to always meet my needs.

So be it


Dear death of my heart,

Do not forsake me your protection,

Neither day nor night.

Oh, my lady,

I ask that I open the pathways to success,

Prosperity and fortune,

Who through this Holy flame

Get all of my requests to you.

Thank you, my lady,

For listening to me (request).


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