the prayer of the days

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the prayer of the days
Pray the following prayer corresponding daily, in the morning before leaving home, or taking up your duties, if possible in tranquility and faced the altar or a picture of our little girl:


Monday: Santa Muerte, I ask that you fill out blessings and wealth to my family, my home and my work starting this week, protect me from all evil...(WHAT TO MENTION FEAR). so be.


Tuesday: White girl, at your feet I bow and I strongly ask you to give me health, away any disease so that you can get ahead...(Mention what most want to achieve at this time, work, love, money, etc.). I ask you with all my heart.


Wednesday: My child, this day that today starts, do not you ask anything, but if the protection they give me so much thank you to my as to my loved ones, follow me covering under your mantle.


Thursday: Today before you leave ask me open all roads to live calmly without worries. My faith is in you.


Friday: White girl, I ask through the OWL that always accompanies you, give me the wisdom to guide my children, my family and who always know how to behave as good people. I trust in ti.


Saturday: Holy thanks mia, for allowing me to see the light of a new day, as a thank you I promise to think about you and you offer this prayer that my requests are heard. My confidence is for you.


Sunday: Thank you blessed death, being about my seven days a week, thank you for giving me health and prosperity... (Give thanks if you like something in particular), aleja de mi and mihogar any evil that we stalk. My devotion is yours.

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