the miracle prayer of the blanca

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the miracle prayer of the blanca

the miracle prayer of the blanca


Nina Blanca

May I  be assisted,....[say your request 3 times]. we beseech thee, Oh Nina Blanca, by the love,faith and devotion I have for thee,and by the love,faith and devotion,I have in the Almighty God,the Son,and the Holy Spirit,I place this prayer upon thy altar and seek your most Divine intercession on my behalf,glorious Mother, I pray this from my heart,spirit and soul, that my most urgent request..[say your request 3 times].. and may I be blessed by your kindness and enriched by your perpetual blessings, may I  be delivered from all dangers, and through your loving kindness may this prayer be granted with your blessings and the blessings of the Amighty God .



say this prayer for 9 days and offer 3 white 7 day candles

turn on your first candle after reading this prayer and turn on your 2nd candle on day 4 and your last candle on day 7 and post this 9 times on the 9th day

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