To fix... family disagreements

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To fix... family disagreements
To fix... family disagreements


It can be used.
· To settle disagreements that have arisen in the bosom of the family, such as fights or arguments.


You need:
· A blue candle.
· A white candle.
· A piece of white paper and pencil.
· Wooden matches.
· A container.
· Incense.


The white paper, writes the names and surnames of the members of the family.
They will be the principle having worse character. Once written everything, is placed the paper in the bowl, ignite candles with matches (never with another candle), first the blue, then white, and glued on top with a bit of wax paper.
Once all this is done, lights incense, is placed in the container and will through each room, leaving it for a few seconds in each one of them, and it says the following prayer:


"Santisima Muerte, your that light up my way, I achieve an ideal, your it gives me the divine gift of forgive and forget all the evil that I do and all the moments of my life are with me, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and confirm once again that I never out of it." "Protegeme and amparame, who have peace with my loved ones, in eternal glory, amen".
The ritual should be three days. The first and the second are left to burn candles for an hour, and the third, are left to consume. Once the candle is consumed, contains everything that is in the container and is wrapped in tinfoil. It should be near a place with grass.
You must not make any request, only to say the ritual, thinking strongly about family problems.
It would be important (not only during the ritual), carrying an image of the most Holy death.
The best time to do the ritual would be the twelve at night, although it is not essential.

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