Mother of Impossible Causes

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Mother of Impossible Causes

Mother of Impossible Causes

 I ask thee shield me against snares and traps of my enemies. 

You never abandon or forget those who invoke thy aid in times of difficulties and with your miracles of defeating and conquering all obstacles

I place this most impossible favor at thy feet..[say your favor 3 times]..

And I invoke thy  total  protection  from all  crime,harm and evil

With all my heart I implore you, grant me your help

Help me over come this impossible problem I place at thy Holy feet 

My Mother I beg thee look down upon me with eyes of pure pity and I beg thee do not permit harm or ill will to befall upon me

Obtain for me the graces and favors I beg of you in this prayer I place upon thy Altar

I ask thee with all my heart( mention your favor) 

That I may be free from this problem that is preventing me from standing in thy Holy Light

I ask thee Mother of Impossible Causes,protect me always and never forget me


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