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My guardian that  walks in front of me.

 On this day  i ask thee bless all that I do today and that all i do, I  do well.

 Open the windows and doors of your temple and pour  out  thy blessings greatly.

 I know that this day the doors of success and happiness will be open for me.

 I know that you have prepared the best abundance  for my home and for me.

I seek your guidance and protection in all I  do today and that all doors that are closed to me be  open for me.

I have  that the power of attraction and your love is in me.

Thank you, my Mother I love you more every day 

You are the one who takes care of me and protects from me from all harm and evil.

I place my heart,body,spirit and soul into thy holy hands without any fears or regrets

You are my guardian from all evils,my protector from danger,harm and my enemies

I thank you for your kindness and protection for me and my home and those i love and care about


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