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Santisima Muerte

With all my heart and soul  I give thee my undying gratitude and heart felt thanks

I thank you  for everything,I 

I thank you for what you have given me for at times you bless me from out of the blue

I thank you for the health, welfare,all the love in my life

I thank you for the good people in put in my path

I thank the hand that lifted me,at the times I fell and was in despair

I thank you for the hand  that guided me,through the darkness and into your light

I thank you for  the words that encouraged me,to go on when I wanted to give up

I thank you for your arms that received me, when my faith was tested and I doubted your strength

I thank you for healing me and those  I prayed to you for their healing of disease,pain and suffering

I thank you for seeing my heart true desires and bringing them to me

I thank you for the protection you give to me,my home and love ones

I put all of my love,faith and devotion into your hands

I trust you,and my love and faith in you grows every d

I thank you,My Mother


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