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Merciful Nina Negra

My faithful love for you has brought  me to you once again,I ask thee with all my heart for your protection to the ones I love and care about,to protect those in my life iI call my family,and I ask thee to protect my fellow brothers and sisters in faith and bring us together as a family so that we may give thanks to you for being our Mother, our model,our lifelong protector.


Nina Negra

You are our Mother you have always been close to us and close to the difficulties we experience in life. We have experience your presence and feel very close to you.

Your image calls to our minds that we all must face you in our last journey,but for your true loyal,faithful devoted,you are the Mother of Heaven and Earth and our Mother; we call upon you as our guide whom we follow so as to be closer to your glory.

We ourselves are always in need: we need you to inspire the works of our hands;we need you as support for the times we fail; we need you as strength in pain and suffering,we need you as our doctor to heal us all natural or super natural illness and sickness that invades our bodies, you are our joy and hope in life


Nina Negra

Help us to open our eyes to see  the path you set before us,protect us on this path of  life,open  our mind to the understanding of your virtues,open our  heart to the sincerity of your love. For we know that if we are close to you,we will be always under your sole protection and receive the full effect of your wonders,miracles and blessings that were bestowed upon thee by the right hand of the Almighty God,and you always hear all our prayers and petitions,and grant us your most Divine intercession on our best behalf before the Almighty God,the Son Jesus,and the Holy Spirit.I ask thee for thy aid..[say your petition]



say this prayer from your heart offer 2 white 7 day candles

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