prayer of impossible causes

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prayer of impossible causes

prayer of impossible causes


Glorious Mother of Impossible Causes

You are filled with compassion for those who invoke thee, and with love for those who suffer  and call out thy Holy name in times of trouble. Today,my Mother  I cast myself at thy feet and humbly beg of thee to take the problem that is before me..[say your problem 3 times]..  and I place myself  under thy special protection. And I beg thee with all my heart intercede for me before the Almighty God,and I beg thee,please do not   cease, not to intercede for me until my prayer  is granted.  Above all I ask thee to protect me,my home and my love ones day and night from all dangers,harm and evil ,remove from all obstacles,remove from me those wishing me only ill will,and instead,grant me thy blessings of good luck,good health,prosperity and peace to me,my home and my family, and please grant me thy blessings and protection for all eternity. 



offer 1 white and 1 green candle

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