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Nina Negra

Mighty black lady

You bestow upon me  wisdom, knowledge.courage and strength

I ask that you bestow your blessings on me,my home and my family

Guide me, so I  will serve you in the ways that you desire

Give me strength, to keep us going when things get tough

Bestow upon me wisdom, so I  will know what to do in all situations

Inspire me  to encourage my fellow brothers and sisters,my friends and my love ones,to trust and love and have faith in thee, instead of  them have doubts and fears and  tearing  each other down

So I  will use our words to bless instead of curse

Yet push  me to stand tall when I  face things that are wrong

To fight if I have to, yet strive for peace

Help me , Nina Negra , to be there for your children,and those faithful who seek my help through you

Help me to guide my fellow brothers and sisters and my family  in learning what you have for them

To encourage them not to follow anyone but you and to find their own path in this world

Nina Negra always remind me and never to forget ,what it was like when I  first came to you

How you were gentle, kind and patient

May I  follow in your footsteps

To love as you love, teach as you teach

Nina Negra,I am proud and honored and very happy to be your servant; reveal to me  the hidden things

Try me; so I may be worthy of your affairs that you place in our hands

Bestow upon me your courage,power and strength as I  trust in you

Let me  receive your counsel, not acting unless it is your will

It is an honour to serve you,Nina Negra

With all of my heart,spirit and soul I thank you for choosing me

My  live is and always will be  devoted to you; may I  be a reflection of who you are to the world

Watch over me  and bless me,my home and love ones

Nina Negra,as your word is written,it shall become and may it be done according to your will


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