Holy Death of Money

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Holy Death of Money

Holy Death of Money

I come Holy Death  of Money before thee 

With all my love and my respect I ask thee this favor[ ______________ ]

I implore your goodness and power to remove human poverty and transmute it into wealth 

I implore your charity and ask thee to grant me your blessing, so that money never miss me and for fortune and luck  will  always chase me

And that  everything bad is removed and that all good things come to me

I implore thee to remove the negative forces,negative energies that surround me

Holy Death of Money, my consulter,grant me thy  protection,guide me to spend my money wisely and that my money grows

Bless me with honest,steady work,so I can support my home and family

I humbly offer thee 9 coins every Friday,so you bless the money I earn cleanly,without hurting or harming another

Holy Death of Money,with all of my love,faith and trust in thee I offer thee this yellow candle with 3 pennies taped to it,so you always bless me,my home,work and my love ones with,money,prosperity and abundance

For this is my convent with thee,a convent I promise to always honor and respect



offer 1 yellow  7 day candle with 3 pennies taped at the very bottom of the candle and offer 9 coins every Friday without fail,you will see your money increase and grow

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