Holy Nina Negra

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Holy Nina Negra

Holy Nina Negra

Powerful Mistress of the Darkness

I bow at your feet ,I bow to ask you, to beg to watch over me,my home and love ones

I feel your strength your power and presence against all those who try to hurt and destroy  my persona,my home and my love ones

Nina Negra, I implore you to be my shield and my guard against all crime,harm and evil I ask thee use thy scythe to cut down the  obstacles that stand before me

I ask thee to open all  locked doors and open all the  paths that appear closed to me

Nina Negra,there is no wrong that can not right, nor anything that is to impossible for you to conquer

And there is no one or no will that you can not bend over to your will

 I ask thee to do justice for me at all times 

Remove from me,my home and love ones all hexes and curses,remove all spells and dark enchantments,sending back 3 fold to the sender

Nina Negra,tie the hands of my enemies,cover the eyes of my enemies,hold the tongue of my enemies,so they can no longer hurt or harm me with their lies,envy and slander,and I can no longer be attacked by their anger and hate of these enemies

With all of the love and faith in my heart,spirit and soul,I thank thee for all of thy protection and hope


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