Santisima Muerte

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Santisima Muerte

Santisima Muerte, you know all of the weaknesses and frailties of your faithful children You know all of our needs and cares,and look down upon us with compassion and mercy

Many of your faithful children do not in any way deserve your help

Tonight my Mother,I  truly need it,I come before broken and beaten by my love ones and life


Santisima Muerte,look down upon me,tears in my eyes,my health in struggle,my heart broken

I beg thee hear my plea for thy aid,crying I  come to you. 

I ask thee,to give me peace of mind, so that we may face the difficulties that now confront me

Give strength in my health,and with full faith, lead me with your strong hand, and work things out with the one in my heart,so I can find the true love and happiness I seek

Santisima Muerte,you are my harbor of safety in the storms of life

You are  my fortress, that I turn to for salvation and protection

And the one I turn too when sad and alone and you alone can save me from destruction

My Mother,you take notice of my need, and reach out your skinny hand to save me from my hurts and afflicts

I pray that you do not let my troubles overwhelm me. 

I pray that you strengthen and encourage me, save and deliver me, and cleanse me from evil 


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