Mother of Sorrows

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Mother of Sorrows

Mother of Sorrows


I stand before thee,tears in my eyes


My soul aches, and my spirit has weakened.


Heartache has consumed me,


And I’m fearful of the future.


For you know,what is really in my heart, far better than I,


I let my own faults and weakness hurt me


My enemies now are


Ridiculing and shaming me repeatedly.


In my heart, I have cowed before them,


Never questioning their real intent.


Slinking away in defeat and despair,


I vowed to never return, choosing to remain aloof,


From them, from You, and from the path you set before me


From that moment forward, time has not been my friend.


I have wandered from You to a place where there is


No joy, no purpose, no kindness, and no future.


My self-defeating behavior has brought me low.


My enemies, know your Word but not your Spirit.


Mother of Sorrows, I need you to guide me, as I return home,


As I come back to the place where I belong.


Strengthen me with power that was once in me,


And allow me to be resilient and to stand strong.


Return to me my sense of boldness and confidence,


Which will allow me be the person you have shown  me to be.



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