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Nina Negra, sometimes I just want to give up.


My burdens are overwhelming.


I don't seem to ever catch up.  I can't seem to get started.


I feel the pain of stress, hurt and setbacks.


Strengthen me to stand up knowing you are always with me.


Fall fresh on me today so I can find my joy and peace again.


Restore the broken places in my life.


I need this pressure of stress to decrease.


I want to have the resources and love required to provide for me and for my family.


I desire the energy and motivation to perform my job and daily tasks at home.


Give me a fresh breeze of release to lighten my load.


Teach me your way and your will.


Speak to me Nina Negra in a way that I would understand and obey.


Send the right people in my life to be a source of love, guidance and new opportunities.


Thank you my Mother  for your mercy and grace.


Thank you for favor in this season.


I am ready for serenity and solutions to adapt to the changes in my life.


I thank you now in advance because I believe you are with me.


Instead of wishing, whining, weeping, feeling weak, weary and worried, I will worship my way back to wholeness.  


Instead of a  breakdown, I'm grateful for my breakthrough.


Thank you Nina Negra for leading me to this write  prayer that speaks from my heart.


I'm ready for my healing and deliverance.


Thank you Nina Negra  for working it out.


It is so.  It is done.  It is all right with my soul.


I exhale now trusting you Lord as I walk away from temptation, depression and the stronghold of the enemy.


Your divine law operates within me as I speak, think and act with faith, love and courage.


I stand on your promises as you cover me with your protection and provision.  My trust in you Nina Negra to  allow me to exhale the stress, worry and shame. 


Divine Nina Negra, I am encouraged now and will press on and will give up hope



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