The Prayer of Protection

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The Prayer of Protection

The Prayer of Protection


offer 2 white candles

pray from your heart


The blessing which came from heaven, From God the Father, when the true living Son was born, Be with me at all times; The blessing which God gave to the  whole human race, Be with me always.,The blessing and total protection which God gave the Holy Death over all mortals,Be with me


The Holy Death,which sits at the right hand of God, look down upon me,with compassion,look down upon me with pity,hear my plea for thy aid,hear my plead for thy protection,your scythe forms a shield of protection around me,my home and my family,the power of your Holy protection protects me from all my enemies and from everything which might be injurious to my body and soul,the power of your protection will drive and bound my enemies from hurting or harming me,my home and my family


Powerful Holy Death

The power of your protection will keep my enemies mouth and tongues mute,so that they are not at all able to inflict the least injury upon me,my home and my family,the hands and arms of those who wish me and my love ones hurt and harm,are tied and bound,weak and conquered before me,the Holy power God has given you over all mortals shall assist me at times,so no harm,crime,evil or hidden dangers can have no avail over me,my home and my family,I ask all this in the name of God the Father,the Son and the Holy Ghost



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