prayer of the blessed

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prayer of the blessed

Death, dear to my heart,

don't abandon me, protect me,

The favors that i ask you to grant me:

I thank with all my heart

Make me overcome all

difficulties so that for me

nothing is impossible,

no obstacles, barriers,

no enemies, that no one

does me any harm,

that everyone is my friend

and that I am victorious

in all my dealings and things I do;

May my house be filled with all the good

virtues of your protection.

Death,, my great treasure,

never go away from me at any time:

You ate bread and gave me bread, and

as you are the powerful owner of

the dark mansion of life and

Empress of darkness, I want

you to grant me the favor that

I place at your feet..say your favor 3 times]

Dear Death: I ask you with

all my heart,

that as God made you

Immortal, and the powerful owner and

Queen of the Darkness Unknown 


that with your great powers,

which you have over all mortals,

Please hear my prayer and grant me

your blessings and my favor granted

Blessed Protector Death:

By the virtues that God gave you

I ask that you free me from all

evil, danger, and sickness

and that instead you give 



MONEY, that you give me friends

and freedom from my enemies,


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