Prayer for strength and comfort

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Prayer for strength and comfort

Prayer for strength and comfort


offer 2 white candles


Blessed Holy Death

You know I am weak

And I come to you

Tears falling from eyes

My heart,spirit and soul

Are crushed and sadness grips me

I ask you Blessed Holy Death

To carry me through this valley. 

For my mind struggles to think clearly, 

I depend upon your strength

To lift me up

So I can understand the will

Of the Almighty

For now I stand at the cross roads of life

I walk with a heavy heart, 

The loss of my love one broke me in many ways 

I wonder if my heart can take the strain, 

Deep in my heart,I know my love one

Will finally be at rest in compassion and mercy

And you will lead them to the Almighty God love and peace.

For you protect and guide all mortals in their final minutes

I light these two candles tonight 

To remind me of the warm glow of your hope in dark places. 


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