Remove Bad Luck Spell

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Remove Bad Luck Spell



You will need the following items for this spell


Smudge of Sage

Black Candle

Green Candle 

Pink Candle

Red Candle

White Candle 


A picture of the Holy Death of Money


Place the pink candle on your far left, and your white candle on your far right. Place the green candle in front of you.Place the your red candle to the bottom far right.Place your black candle to your bottom far right

Next,Purify the room with sage if you have any. You can always get them at any botanica,craft store

Next, Hold the moon stone in your hand and meditate for 2 minutes, while meditating, picture everything in your life getting better

Now,You Chant: Holy Death of Money,I ask for thy magic, come to me, and please hear my plea, bring good luck to me, wash away all misfortune in my life, so I can life at peace,on the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, all bad luck shall cease and in my life, will enter peace. I call out to you to bring luck to me by the power of the Moon. So mote it be.As it is written,So it shall become repeat this last phrase 9 times

Please,I say keep in mind, spells usually take time to work depending on how powerful you are, so dont expect this to work over night or within a day. Also, remember that any spell can backfire, especially spells involving love, luck and health.

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