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Blessed Holy Death

you that through the light of this candle

which I offer to your divine and sublime influence,

will intercede for me on my behalf,

unto our Heavenly Father,

so that I may obtain success and advancement

in all the undertakings of my life. 

Blessed Holy Death 

With your influence I shall smooth down

and remove all the obstacles and difficulties

in my pathway

so that I may succeed in my personal

and business affairs.

Blessed Holy Death

May I receive a sign from thee

of upcoming abundance and prosperity

Blessed Holy Death

I beg of thee to light my path  

so that the brightest star shall brighten

my darkened road. 

I humbly implore of thee that my pathway in life

Be illuminated by the roads of luck,work and fortune

And may thy scythe,darken the pathway of those

who only desire me bad luck and misfortune


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