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Lord before your Divine Presence God Almighty Father Son Holy Spirit I ask permission to invoke the most feared and loved the Powerful Mother of Tears....,on this day I come before you,Mother of Tears look down upon me, I'm crying at thy feet,begging and asking you I am imploring thee,that you make your presence felt against all of those who spit out lies,gossip and rumors

Powerful Mother of Tears,look upon me with mercy and pity,I beg of thee to watch over,bless and protect me my home and my family,guarding us day and night from all hidden and unseen crime,harm and evil,removing me and my family from all curses,enchantment,bad luck and misfortune,remove once and for all.. all of this poverty,envy and unemployment,opening every door that was closed to me and my love ones,leading and guiding us to the road of luck,health,work and honest steady money

Powerful Mother of Tears,I beg of thee to please grant to me my home and my love ones,thy Heaven sent miracles,wonders and blessings of success,prosperity and abundance


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