Water Spell of Protection

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Water Spell of Protection

Water Spell of Protection


You need a clear glass of water,1 white tea candle,picture of person you want protection from

Take the picture and write 3 times the name of the person,then place the picture face up on your altar and then place the glass of water and the tea candle on top of picture,say this prayer 3 times and light candle


Holy Death,tonight,I humbly come to thee,tears in my eyes,begging of thee to grant me your protection and liberate me from all danger. I ask you to unbind all curses,hexes and black magic,rescue me from the liar and traitor guard me from all crime,harm,evil and all unseen and hidden dangers

Holy Death, I ask this from my heart..[say name of person 3 times]

in the name of Jesus Christ. I ask that you bless this water which I place before you. Empower it that it

may provide peace and protection. Amen

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