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Master, I Summon You Master I Invoke You Mighty Santa Muerte Negra I Call Upon You Seeking Help Hear My Cry, Grant This Favor (TOMMY JACKSON.) the One I Love Has Left My Side, for Another That Filled My Lovers Head Full of Lies Find the Spirit of My Lover (TOMMY JACKSON) Never Give the Two of Them Peace Bother Them, Make Them Argue and Fight Give My Loved One Bad Dreams Sow My Lover (.TOMMY JACKSON.) That Without, Me Life Will Be Hard Let My Lover Come Running Back to Me, Full of Regrets, Begging for My Forgiveness Bring to me (TOMMY JACKSON.) Back to Me Humble and Broken in Spirit Tame and Meek at My Feet Santa Muerte Negra, I Thank You Humbly for Your Swift Justice in Honor of This Great Favor Every Friday at Midnight, a Black Candle and Tequila I Will Give You, You Brought Back My Lover, a Favor I Will Never Forget I Will Be Ever Grateful to You.

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