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A novena is a devotion consisting of prayer said (most typically) on nine successive days, asking to obtain special graces



Holy Death:
The favors that you have to grant me
Will make me overcome any difficulties
and help me see nothing as impossible.
Not treacherous obstacles, and not one enemy.
Nor let one person harm me,
Let only friends come in my path,
And let my businesses, and
everything I do, flourish.

Fill my house with riches
And protect them with your virtues.
(Three Our Father)


Holy Death, my great treasure,
Never leave my side:
You ate your bread and gave me a piece
And as a powerful host
Of the shadows in this mansion of life
And empress of the darkness,

I want you to grant me this favor, that (.......)
Humbly presents themselves before my feet
Remorseful and that he never again
leave my side, so long as I need him.
Let them be able to fulfill what they promised.


Jesus, our savior, on the cross you were defeated,
let (.......)
surrender at my feet.
In the name of our Lord, if they be a
wild animal, they shall become tame as sheep,
as soft as Rosemary flowers,

Dear Death,
I earnestly beg, for the massive force
that God gave you to let me into (.......)'s heart...

Let (.......) have eyes only for me
And let me be everything for him/her,
Please grant me the favor that I am asking for with this Novena
And I will light a candle every Tuesday of every week at midnight in your honor

(Three Our Father)


Dear Death:
I ask of you with all my heart,
just as God made you immortal
and the powerful host,
queen of the never-ending shadows
and that with the incredible power you
possess over all that is mortal,
let (.......)
not have a table to eat,
nor a chair to sit in,
nor one moment of peace,

I want you to make him/her
come to my feet, humble and remorseful,
Draw (.......)closer and never let him/her leave again

(Three Our Father)


Glorious and Powerful Death,
I want to use your kindness,
As my protector and host,
I ask that you grant me this:
Like the invincible force you are,
I beg that you make (.......)
That he/she may not find joy in his/he path,

Nor find a partner,
Nor eat, or sleep if he/she not be by my side,
Let his/her thoughts and motivation be of me and only me
Let his/her love fill me with happiness.

(Three Our Father)


Oh sovereign Lady!
Whom, our Eternal Father's divine trinity
elected to blind the life of the mortals,
who every mortal will see, sooner or later
with no regards to age or riches,
as she takes old, young and new mortals
whom she must take to her domain
when God indicates her to.

I beg that you...
Let whom ever fall in love with me,
Let them focus on my inner soul
And not my physical beauty,
Let them come to me docile, faithful and kneeling at my feet

(Three Our Father)



Morthal Death:
Free me from all evil and with the glorious
power that you possess,
which God granted you,
let us rejoice eternally
of one glorious day without a night.

This is why, my protector and master:
I ask that you concede
All the favors
That I ask for in this Novena.

(Three Our Father)


Miraculous and Majestic Death:
I ask that with your immense power,
you give back the tenderness of (.......)

Do not give him/her one moment of serenity,
nor of peace if he/she is with someone else,
nor with friends or other men/women will he/she be happy,
if asleep then let him/her dream of me,
if awake then let him/her be thinking of me
and these words I say, let him/she hear them
and grant me what I ask.

(Three Our Father)


Holy and Protecting Death:
With the virtue that God granted you,
I want you to free me of
All malevolent and dangerous illness,
And instead grant me:
Luck, Health, Happiness, and Money,
Let only friends come to me,
and free me of enemies,
Making (.......)

Present himself/herself humble at my feet,
asking for forgiveness,
Humble like a lamb, and true to his/her word,
Always loving and docile.

(Three Our Father)

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