Prayer of the Holy Death

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If you are a believer then be welcome, but if you are coming forth with evil then you must know that no one can judge the evil deeds which are sometimes necessary, but its is not at all a wise way to make the most of the power this cult withholds. Beside, he who sows harm, reaps harm.

Prayer Of The Holy Death



Before your Divine Presence God Almighty,

Father Son and the Holy Spirit,

I ask for your permission to invoke

The Holy Death.

My White dauther.

I want to humbly ask that you break

and destroy all spells

and darkness that may present

itself before my persona,

in my home,

and on my path.

Holy Death

Please relieve me of all envy,

poverty, hate, and unemployment

and I ask that you please grant me_________________.

Enlighten, with your holy presence,

my home, my work

and those of my loved ones,

award us love,

prosperity, health and wellbeing,

blessed and praised be your charity Holy Death.


I give you infinite thatnks

because I see your charity

throught your tests

which are perfecting my spirit.

Lord I give you thanks

because in the midst of these tests

I will have your

Holy Blessing.



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