The Ritual of the Red Rose of the Santa Muerte.

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The Ritual of the Red Rose of the Santa Muerte.

The Ritual of the Red Rose of the Santa Muerte "Strong ritual to bring the loved one".

The Ritual of the Red Rose of the Santa Muerte.

You Will Need the Following Items.

  • a Statue or Picture of the Santa Muerte Rojo or a Picture of the Santa Muerte Rojo.
  • 2 Red Roses
  • 2 Red Carnations.
  • a Glass of Brandy
  • 2 Red Apples
  • 2 Red 7 Day Candles of the Santa Muerte
  • 2 Red Candles,Not in a 7 Day Candle,a Lose Candle
  • a Piece of White Paper

The ritual of the red rose of santa muerte.
Set up your the statue of the santa muerte rojo, place the 2 seven days candles on the sides of her, put the glass of brandy in front of her. take the 2 red apples carved your name and loved ones name into the apples carve them together, put the apples on the sides of the glass of brandy, take the white paper and write the names of you and your loved one, draw a heart around the names,fold paper in under the santa muerte statue.take the 2 candles that the lose candles and carved your name and your love ones name on each of the candles place them together in a canister to catch the wax that them so they are almost toughing each as you say the prayer you light each candle as one.when
its called for do the same with the apples, and the brandy.


I....................Called Upon You to Bring Me.

Master I Want You to Find the Spirit of......................

and Whisper in the Ears of.............................
to Come Back to Me and Love Me the Way It Was Before.
the Way It Was Always Was to Be.

in Honor of This Favor Master.
I Offer You This Brandy As a Symbol of My True Heart,
Thick and Flowing With Love for.............................
I Offer You Master These 2 Candles As Symbol of My Love and Devotion to You My Red Queen.
I Offer You These 2 Red Roses As the Symbol of the Blood

That Flows Through the Heart and Veins on Me and.....................
I Offer You Master These to Candles So Close

Together As a Symbol of the Bond Between Me and .............
I Offer You Master These 2 Carnations As a Thank You for Your Kindness and Blessings of This Great Favor.
So It Be So It Shall Be Come.

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