Prayer for Revenge

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Prayer for Revenge

Prayer for Revenge by Ron O.

Prayer for Revenge

Santa Muerte,
I Summon You,
Santa Muerte,
I Invoke You,
to Give Me Justice,
Justice Against My Enemies,
Justice Against Those That Hurt and Harm Me,
Santa Muerte,
Hear My Cries,
Punish My Enemies,
As Only You Can Punish Them,
Santa Muerte,
You Know I Am Not an Evil Person,
This Is a Problem Only You Can Fix,
Use Your Sickle to Cut Down My Enemies,
As They Had Me Pushed Down to the Ground,
and You Gave Me a Hand to Stand Back up,
Cut Them to the Ground,
Santa Muerte,
Thank You for Your Protection,
Thank You for Your Help,
Thank You for Hearing My Cry.


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