Prayer of the Owl ✝

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Prayer of the Owl ✝

Prayer of the Owl, ßy Ron O.

Prayer of the Owl ✝

Mighty Santa Muerte
I Call Upon You,
to Ask Your Permission
to Summon Your Wise Owl
Santa Muerte
You Who Know All the Secrets of the Universe
I Seek the Knowledge of the Owl
Who Is Ever Present With You

My Mighty Queen,
I Need to Open the Pathway to the Secrets of Your Mantle
I Need Help of the Wise Owl to This Plea...........
Show Me Santa Muerte,
Who My Enemies Are,
Who Is Harming Me and My Loved Ones,
Mighty Owl Grant Me Your Eyes,
That See All
to See the Right Way in Life to Follow,
Teach Me Mighty Owl How to Be Closer to the Santa Muerte,
Grant Me Mighty Owl,
Your Great Hearing,
to Hear All the Rumors and Lies,
Being Said About Me and My Loved Ones Behind Our Back
Teach Me Mighty Owl Patience,
to Be Always Patient and Humble
to Help Those Who Are Need of Help

Santa Muerte
I Thank You for the Use of Your Owl
Thank You Owl for Use of Your Gifts

Santa Muerte
I Humbly Thank You for Your Kindness


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