Prayer to the Holy Mother ✝

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Prayer to the Holy Mother ✝

Prayer to the Holy Mother, ßy Ron O.

Prayer to the Holy Mother ✝

Santa Muerte
Forgive Me Mother,
if at Times I Doubt You
or Felt Like My Prayers Were Not Heard by You
It Was Not You My Mother
but Those Around Me,
That Put Shadows of Doubt in My Mind
for I Know Santa Muerte,
Deep in My Heart and Soul
That You Love Your Children,
and Watch over Them Always,
and We Are Your Children
Children That Are Loyal,
Humble and Pure of Faith
Praising and Thanking Your Wonders and Miracles
Singing Your Name in Praise
the Ones Thankful of Your Love and Blessings
the Ones Thankful of Your Kindness and Protection
and from This Day Until the Last Days,
We Will Always Honor You and Love You Santa Muerte,
My White Mother.

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