Prayer of the Lamp ✝

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Prayer of the Lamp ✝

Prayer of the Lamp, ßy Ron O.

Prayer of the Lamp ✝

Santa Muerte
I Come Before You,
Not to Ask You for Anything Today.
All I Ask Is for Your Permission to Use Your Lamp

I Was Once on the Path You Lit for Me
and Followed It Whole Heartily
but I Turned Blind to You
and Now I Am Lost and Scared

Santa Muerte
Light My Path Once More
Help Me Back on My Path That You Have Chosen for Me
Forgive Me Mother if at Times
I Have Not Been the Best Son Towards You

Forgive Me Santa Muerte
if at Times, I Broke a Promise to You
for at Those Times I Was Weak
I Knew I Could Call You,
but I Was Disobedient to You

Please Mother
Accept This White Candle to You
That Is from My Heart
Now That I Am Back on the Right Path With You
I Will Be a Better and Loyal Son
and Will Be Ever Grateful of Your Kindness to Me
I Love You Santa Muerte
With All My Heart and Soul.


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