Prayer of Power ✝

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Prayer of Power  ✝

Prayer of Power ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer of Power  ✝

Mighty and Majestic Santa Muerte
My White Queen,
I Pray to You With All My Heart and Soul
to Ask You a Favor (.......................)

Powerful White Lady
Guardian of the Dead
Protector of the Living
Comforter of Mortals on Their Death Beds
Compassion Giver of Those in Pain

Mighty Mother of Tears
Be My Refuge in the Dark
Be My Guide in the Light

You Were Given the Power over All Mortals by Almighty God
Help Me Mi Madre,
to Defeat My Enemies
Grant Me the Power of Your Sickle
to Bring My Enemies to Their Knees
Humble and Defeated Begging for Mercy
Santa Muerte Blanca
Hear This Prayer,
Answer This Favor
Give Me the Speed of Your Wings
So My Enemies Can Feel Swift Justice

in Honor of Your Kindness
Every Tuesday and Friday at Midnight
a White Candle Will I Light for You
So You Can Know Mother
Your Faithful Children Love and Thank You
from Our Hearts and Souls


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