Prayer of the Lost Love

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Prayer of the Lost Love

Prayer of the Lost Love ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer of the Lost Love  ✝ ßy Ron O.

Santa Muerte
I Pray to You Mighty Mother of Compassion
Help Me Mother to Get over This Great Lost
I Know in Life We Must All Meet You,
and There Is No Excep[Ions
but the Lost I Suffered Punched a Hole in My Heart and Soul
Take Away All This Hate in Anger I Have in Me
Help to Be Compassion-Ed Again,

Take Away All This Pain and Suffering Inside Me
Beautiful Red Queen,
Touch Me With Your Cloak
Bless Me With the Gift,
God As Given You over All Mortals
Bless Me Once Again With True Love,
the One That Took Life's Last Journey With You Was My Happiness
Bless Me With Someone to Fill This Hole in My Heart

I Know I Can Never Replace the Love One I Lost
for the Time That I Wait to Take My Last Journey With You,
I Need Someone to Be the Other Half of My Heart
Please Santa Muerte Rojo,
Grant Me This Favor(...................)
I Thank You Mighty Red Lady for Your Kindness in My Time of Need

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