Praise to the Red Queen ✝

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Praise to the Red Queen ✝

Praise to the Red Queen ✝ ßy Ron O.

Praise to the Red Queen ✝

Gentle and Beautiful Red Queen
Mother of Love and Tenderness
I Thank You Mighty Santa Muerte,
for All the Love I Have in My Life,
I Have Love of Family, the Greatest Riches of All
Without You My Red Queen
None of This Would Be Possible

Thank You for You Bless Me Everyday of My Life,
With Your Love and Kindness
Always Looking After Me
Lifting Me when I Fall Down
Knowing the Darkness in My Heart
and Still Caring for Me Like a Child
Filling My Heart With Happiness
Enriching My Soul With Bliss

I Sing Your Name Rojo Santa Muerte
Praise to the Beautiful Red Queen,
Honoring and Loving You Everyday of My Life
for You Are the Queen of Love
a Gift from the Almighty to You over All Mortals
the Gift You Gladly Share With Your Children
Through Every Point of Our Lives
With the Love Only a Mother Can Give Her Children
Thank You Santa Muerte for Listening to This Prayer


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