Prayer to the Mother of Hope ✝

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Prayer to the Mother of Hope ✝

Prayer to the Mother of Hope ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer to the Mother of Hope ✝

Holy Santa Muerte, Mother of Hope
I Pray to You With Love and Faith in My Heart and Soul
Asking You Gentle Yellow Lady This Favor (...................)
As You Watch over Me and My Family Every Day of Our Lives
You Knew the Great Need of This Favor Way Before I Did

Please Mother Bring a Speedy Answer to My Prayer

Gentle Santa Muerte,
God As Given You Very Great Gifts over All Living Things
Hope Is Your Greatest Gift the Almighty Gave You
Because You Know in Our Hearts Hope Is All Some of Us Have

Let Your Yellow Cloak Flow over Me Like a River Flows

Cradle Me in Your Arms,
Seeing Your Face Gives Your Children Peace and Harmony
for We Know That You Will Not Abandon Us

That Your Love and Gentleness Is Always Given to Us
Helping Us to See Another Day,
Giving Us Hope That the Darkness Will Not Last Forevr
That With Our Faith in You Any Door Will Open for Us
We Love You Santa Muerte Now and Forever


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