Prayer to the Angel of Death ✝

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Prayer to the Angel of Death ✝

Prayer to the Angel of Death ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer to the Angel of Death ✝

Mighty Black Angel, My Protector
Keep the Mouth of My Enemy Shut
Block Their Eyes So They Can Not Use the Evil Eye on Me
Powerful Black Angel I Need Your Help
Keep Me Safe from the Curse of the Witch
and if Black Magic Was Sent out to Me Reverse It Back to the Sender
Send It Back 3 Times
Fold Back to That Evil Vile Witch
That My Enemy Sent After Me to Harm Me and My Loved Ones

Majestic Angel of Death I Pray That You Will Be Kind to Me and Hear My Pleas
Your Protection Is the Only Way to Stop Such Evil Sent to Me
for You Kindness Angel of Death at Midnight Very Friday I Will Offer You a Black Candle


Say 3 Our Fathers

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