Prayer to the Princess ✝

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Prayer to the Princess ✝

Prayer to the Princess ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer to the Princess ✝
ßy Ron O.

O Princess of Heaven and Earth
I Come Before You Mother With Tears in My Eyes
Not to Ask You for Anything
but Instead for a Favor for the Lost Children on Earth
the Runaways My Mother That Do Not Know Where to Lay Their Heads at Night
the Ones Who Runaway from Home Because Life Is Hard Enough
but when You Live Life With Someone You Love Always Hurting You in Sick Ways
They Need Your Help

Beautiful Princess Hear This Prayer,
Give These Children Justice
Protect These Babies That I See Walking the Streets,
Selling Their Bodies to Make Ends Meet
the Ones That Live in Fear of Being Hurt Again

Open Your Arms Santa Muerte Take Them Into Your Chest
Show Them Your Mercy and Compassion
Be Their Voice and Their Lawyer
Look After Them Mother
Keep Them Safe Until the Almighty Tells You to Collect Them


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