Prayer of the Holy Death ✝

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Prayer of the Holy Death ✝

Prayer of the Holy Death ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer of the Holy Death ✝

O Powerful and Immortal Holy Death
Never Forsake Me
I Come Before You to Ask You to My Protector
Keep Me Safe from All Evil and Harm
Guard Me from Any Crime
Watch over Me and My Loved Ones Every Moment of Our Lives
Be My Reliever of My Suffering on My Death Bed
Carry Me Safely to Stand Judgement Before the Almighty God
Grant Be Your Kindness on All the Favors I Ask of You
Let Your Gentleness Rain Down on Me
Cover Me With Your Mantle
Wash My Sins Away With Your Tears
Take Me in Your Arms and Protect Me from My Enemies
Love Me As Your Only Child
for My Love for You Is Everlasting from Now Until the End of Earth


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