Holy Death Prayer ✝

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Holy Death Prayer ✝

Holy Death Prayer ✝ ßy Ron O.

Holy Death Prayer ✝

Beautiful Black Lady
I Pray to You With All My Heart and Soul
to Thank You for Another Day of Your Graces and Blessings
for Showing Me the Path to Your Shining Glory
Santa Muerte
I Ask You Mighty Mother of the Darkness
to Wipe My Tears of Pain,
That Flow Down My Face
I Cry Because of All the Lost Souls That Walk the Earth
Not Knowing Your Love and Compassion for All Mortals on Earth
the Souls That Are Scared to Sleep at Night Because They Live on the Streets
the Ones That Drink Their Lives Away Day After Day
the Ones on Drugs
the Ones Running With the Wrong Crowd
the Ones Losing Control of Their Lives
Please Santa Muerte Look After These Lost Souls
Let Them Feel Your Wonders and Miracles
Touch Some of Them to Just Stop and See Your Light Shining Through the Darkness of Life
Protect Them Mother Like You Do All Your Faithful Children
Let Some of Them Turn Their Lives from Bad to Good
Please Santa Muerte Help These Lost Souls


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