Prayer to the Mother of Impossible Cases ✝

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Prayer to the Mother of Impossible Cases  ✝

Prayer to the Mother of Impossible Cases ✝ ßy Ron O

Prayer to the Mother of Impossible Cases  ✝

Majestic Holy Mother.Given Charge over All Mortals With Impossible Cases
You Who Were Given the Gift of Working the Impossible by the Almighty God
Please Hear This Desperate Plea.........................
Santa Muerte Blanca
My Family Is Facing a Crisis,
the Need of a Swift Reply to My Plea I Need from You
I See the Wonders of Your Miracles
I See All Your Many Blessings Given to Your Children
Now Mother This Child Needs a Miracle
a Road I Need Open
Is Being Closed My Enemies
They Stand in the Way of My Happiness
My Loved Ones Are Scared and in Doubt
but I Know Mother You Are Forever Present in Our Lives
I Know Deep in My Heart and Soul
That You Always Answer the Cries of Your Children
Day and Night Mother My Enemies Make Feeling Like I Am Drowning
Extend Your Hand Santa Muerte Blanca Pull Me out of This Ocean of Fear and Pain
for I Know You Will Be Put on the Road I Needed Open
and Together Hand and Hand We Will Walk You and I
a Holy Mother and Her Child
the Way It Was Always Been to Be
for I Know You Will Never Judge Me or Forsake Me
and I Will Never Turn My Back to You
Holy Santa Muerte,
Your Child Thanks You from the Depths of My Heart and Soul
I Thank You for Your Love and Kindness


Say 3 Our Fathers 3 Hail Mary

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