Prayer of Mercy ✝

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Prayer of Mercy ✝

Prayer of Mercy ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer of Mercy ✝

Most Beautiful Mother of Mercy
Protector of the Weak
Guardian of Those in Prison
O Loving and Gentle Mother of Mercy
Watch over My Loved One...........Who Is in Prison,
Mother He Stepped off the Path That You Saw for Him.
My Loved One...........
Is Not a Bad Person, Just Lost.

My Loved One...........
Chose the Wrong Friends and Let Themselves Be Fooled
These False Friends Influenced My Loved Ones Thinking and Made Them Turn Away from Family and Forget Your Love and Mercy
if They Made a Promise to You but Did Keep It Please Show Them Your Mercy
Help Them Through This Darkness and Back Into Your Glowing Light
Give Them Your Strength and Power
to Get Passed This Hard Time
Grant Them Freedom
Let Them See That Your Love for Them Is Not Gone,
but Is the Same As It Always Was Before
They Got Lost

Seeing Your Lamp Will Help Them Change Their Ways
Give Them Your Tunic to Cover Themselves from Sin
Turn Around My Loved One...........Heart
So That They Will Walk the Right Path

Mother of Mercy Touch Their Hearts
So They Will Be Pure of Heart Once More

Mother of Mercy I Humbly Bow to You Saying Thank You for Your Help
in This Terrible Time We Are Facing.


Say 3 Our Fathers 3 Hail Mary

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