Prayer for Forgiveness ✝

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Prayer for Forgiveness ✝

Prayer for Forgiveness ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer for Forgiveness ✝

Holy Death, Queen of Heaven and Earth
Forgive Me Mother,
for Being Weak in My Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Holy Death I Take This Soap That Is Blessed by You
and I Ask You to Wash and Cleanse My Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Wash Away This Dirty Deed That Have Committed,
Purify My Soul,
So That It Is So Pure
That I Can Stand Before Mother
and Not Be Ashamed and Dirty in Front of You Mother
for Your Forgiveness Mi Madre
I Offer You These Flowers
and This Pink Candle to Reunite Our Bond Together
Mother I Thank You for Your Forgiveness

Say 3 Hail Mary.

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