Prayer to the Mother of Tenderness ✝

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Prayer to the Mother of Tenderness ✝

Prayer to the Mother of Tenderness ✝ ßy Ron O.

Prayer to the Mother of Tenderness ✝

Sweet and Tender Santa Muerte the Mother of Tenderness
Beautiful White Lady
Watch over the Children of This Earth
Protect the Ones That Are Poor, Hungry and Cold,
the Ones That Are Afraid to Close Their Eyes at Night.

Guard Them from the Predators of This Earth
Bless These Children Mother With Your Tenderness
Give then With Shelter, Food,
and Piece of Mind,
That at Night You Are Protecting Them

Let These Little Angels See Your Signs,
That They Are Protected By You
Hurt the Predators That Harmed These Angels.

Mother of Mercy Use Your Sickle
to Form a Shield Around These Children
That Are Homeless, Lost and Abused

Touch the Hearts of the People Around These Children,
to Take Care of Them,
Mother of Tenderness
I Know That You Watch over All These Children
but Mother These Littles Ones Need Your Tenderness the Most

Gracious Mother
I Thank You from My Heart and Soul for Protecting These Angels


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