La Santa Muerte

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La Santa Muerte

These days the worship of the Santa Muerte continues to expand continuously, the most faithful are those who turn to her and find refuge and protection.

At this present time, we can find her image frequently at alters located in homes, businesses, and also on chains surrounding the necks of students,labor workers, professionals, artists, merchants and endless numbers of believers Since the Santa Muerte does not distinguish her age, sex, race,religion, economic status or social status, the same can be asked to a most powerful humble man which his justice is just the same for all, for one day we will appear before her.
What we must emphasize is that the most Santa Muerte does fulfill what is asked and above all, love matters and business no matter how difficult it may appear to be In all factors, we must come to recognize her very well in order to know where and how to ask her for help to be able to conquer obstacles and solve problems then is when you will find happiness and success.

Who is the Santa Muerte?
The Santa Muerte is a spiritual entity created by God himself, for the benefit of being human also is considered by some mystics, witch doctors, and spiritual healers of our country as an intermediate between our most powerful God and human being, that is why some devoters to the Santa Muerte give opinion as to how we should be in good terms with her so that way she can intercede for us before God.

Her Elements and Representations
The Santa Muerte represents herself in diverse forms, perhaps they ask why does she appear in different objects in her images and what is the significance of this scythe, the world, balance, the glow of her head, the eagle owl, the hour glass and the lamp the elements that configure the Santa Muerte are endowed as a special significance and they should be utilized consistently to the petitions that we make.

The Scythe
as we all know in a cultivated instrument and as a weapon it can be utilized to cut, this way it helps us cut the negative energy that surrounds us, in this manner it helps us rid bad influences that supports us to realize corruption acts.

The World
The Santa Muerte is all over the world and does not distinguish or favor borders, she helps the same to all man without distinction of race, when she has the world at her hands she indicates her power for all boundaries.

The Scale
This instrument is a clear allusion to the fairness, the justice and impartiality with what the lady passes judgement on your acts to establish if the Santa Muerte has the symmetrical balance then there will have inner peace within you.

The Glow Over Her Head
Few have noticed the glow in her head that is what bestows her holiness that is why her name is Santa Muerte she has an aura of the saints and virgins;it is the divine power that grants the capacity to realize miracles.

The Eagle Owl
It is a bird of darkness with a sharp vision in this form of the most disoriented and as blind as we may be, she guides us till the end this bird represents the wisdom and helps us improve our intelligence in addition, the eagle owl is the messenger of the Santa Muerte.

The Hour Glass and the Lamp
The sand in the hour glass is the amount of time of our life span on earth which we must live plainly without complications and the lamp is the light that the Santa Muerte guides us in our path if the hour glass turns over we are to begin all over agin, so long as the light allows us to see our paths clearly and the decisions we make through our life.

Colors of Her Tunic
The holiness dresses or represents diverse colors in her tunic and every one of them helps and complies in what we ask for.

White Santa Muerte
Represents total purification, she helps us cleanse our negative energy where ever, whether in homes where there is envy and grudges between one’s own relatives.

Natural and Bone Color Santa Muerte
Represents peace, harmony and success; where ever she is located, either in your home or business she will help you to always remain firm and stable.

Amber Santa Muerte
Represents sanity; very venerable and respectable in rehabilitation centers with drug addiction and alcoholism problems.

Golden Santa Muerte
Represents economical power, success, money and prosperity, commonly placed in jobs and businesses.

Red Santa Muerte
Represents love, passion and emotional stability; helps improve our relationship with our partner and people that surround us.

Green Santa Muerte
Represents justice; usually used for a legal nature this color is very important for legal offices as the holiness is respected by attorneys and legal authorities.

Blue Santa Muerte
Represents wisdom; it is recommended for students and educators it leads them to easy comprehension, understanding and explanation.

Black Santa Muerte
Represents total protection, it protects us from all types of black magic or black ritual against our families or businesses; frees us from all spiritual works that want to harm us with voodoo and santeria.

7 Powers Of Santa Muerte
This image is dressed with 7 colors: gold, silver, copper, blue, purple, red and green each and every one of them has a special significance gold is called for abundance, money; red is for passionate love and family,; purple is for a change from negative to positive and is the color called for good health for people who are in poor health; silver is also linked with economical situations but is especially considered as a color for good luck to bring money and success; green represent justice; copper breaks negative energies and blue symbolizes immensity and spirituality.

If we want the Santa Muerte to remain with us with her help and protections we must have an exclusive place for her in our home or business preferably in a calm place where it will be possible to pray with any interruptions it must have good ventilation so that smoke from any candles, incense or oil lamps will not be enclosed.
If you have a personal alter where only you will pray to the holiness we recommend that this alter should be in a very private place where only you can have access but if you are sure your family respects your beliefs then by all mean, you can have this alter in sight although it is highly recommended for you to have such privacy in certain moments if you plan to use your alter for jobs done for other people, it is necessary to have plenty of space it all depends on your possibilities you must choose an appropriate place for your alter; we recommend not placing the Santa Muerte on the floor or any place below your waist it should be at your height or eye level in all respect to her.

The base of the alter should be of natural material like wood, metal, clay or another type of plant fountainhead the base can be a shelf or table covered with a table cloth with the color of your choice but it must be made of cotton and it should cover the mantle completely and be able to hang down a little remember that your selection of your image should be at your pleasure and needs being there will be various materials, colors and sizes with the elements and representations as we see it.
Some may prefer a picture or card because of the easy way to carry whatever option is good so long as you’re pleased with it and give you faith and devotion however, the image you will have at your alter should not be utilized to work on any jobs; witchcraft etc… your image should always be on your alter with offerings and gifts.

Consecration of the Alter
Call once on the shelf or table or the mantle and the image of the Santa Muerte on the most appropriate day, to lift your alter would have to be on tuesdays on early rise, afternoon, or at nightfall you select your hour in the morning, the Santa Muerte rises with energy in the afternoon, the Santa Muerte is in her prime and at nightfall is when the energy of hidden powers which are manifested are carried
When you place the alter avoid being rushed or pressured when doing it that day should be dedicated to the Santa Muerte, body and soul you should dress in clean clothes whether white, black or pale yellow if you are notable to, it is not that important but you can use another color just remember, it must be clean.

You will first place the mantle and while doing it you will pray the prayer to the Santa Muerte followed by 3 our fathers after your prayers, yo must light a white candle dedicated to the Santa Muerte and then pray again when you light the white candle, this should be done with your right hand once it’s lit you are to place the image of our lady the day before you must clean the image soothing it all night that way it will gain the natural powers when you place the image with the lit candle you will welcome her into your home or business, and if your family has faith and are believers, they should also be present and do the same it is very important to do this ritual with people not living in your home, but if your alter is a private and personal one, then you must consecrate it alone with out any interruptions.

Your alter should never be without offerings or gifts; they carry the gratitude and honor of the Santa Muerte the alter should never be without the basic offerings and the others which you will bring for special favors.

The Light
The alter should never be without light which is for illumination for your prayers, favors and rituals the light is to protect and will fortify the image of the lady it can be a candle, oil lamp or lamp if you select a candle you should be careful not to let the light go off for instance, when the candle is about to burn out, make sure and start a new one in order to keep the light on be careful to make sure the candle never turns off in the same way if you choose an oil lamp just remember to clean the vase or glass container every 15 days so that the oil will not contaminate dirt if you prefer to use a lamp be sure to use low voltage and prevent to turn it off remember the alter should never be without light otherwise, your alter will not be protected as you, your family, home or business won’t either glass of water.

The Water
The water symbolizes life, abundance, fertility and purity remember that we all need this vital liquid to survive; this can be running water from the faucet the glass should be crystal clear and clean try not to fill the glass, allow space for natural evaporation the water should be left for 15days or a little less when you first place the water at the alter be sure and see if you notice any bubbles the following morning, if so, the Santa Muerte unaware of the alter or your offerings if the water is crystal clear, this would have the same meaning now, if the water turns unpleasant or dirty,this means that there are many obstacles.

The Incense
Your alter should never be without incense whether copal or scraps, or mixed many devoters are accustomed in using copal because that is what is mostly used in mexico preferably this incense should be burned on clay,ceramic or of a natural element.

White Flowers
This can be of a variety of your choice or what you may consider will be to her liking if they are white they can either be bought or cut if you are the ever have the opportunity to cut them yourself, she will greatly appreciate it.

Liquor and Wine
It is recommended to place this at the feet of the Santa Muerte this could be a glass of wine, tequila, beer or any other type of spiritual drink being the holiness is a mexican entity, it is recommended to offer traditional drinks this will flatter and connect our ancestral roots.

Cigarette or Cigar
You may offer the Santa Muerte a cigarette or a cigar if you would like but we recommend you avoid lighting it the first day if possible, the second day sometimes these are utilized by people who practice a religion or one who is of an african origin like santeria or palo mayombe.

Bread is so sacred that she should never be without it so that we will never be without it in our homes this can be integral, french bread or even a tortilla if you prefer you should frequently change this at least twice a week and never throw it away in the trash place it under a tree or in a park

Once in a while it would be good to offer an apple or any fruit to the Santa Muerte this natural product will nourish the energy of the Santa Muerte at times fruit can be offered for jobs of love and affection or in celebration of “all souls day”

If you have placed the Santa Muerte at your business, you should offer her the first sale of the day, and that money will not be collected until the business closes or until 21 days later, unless you just started the business the money can also be utilized on certain rituals to better your economy or find work.

In this case, try to place a little of your personal lotion on the alter so that the Santa Muerte’s energy may vibrate along with yours i you prefer to use the fragrance in order to help your family, it would be under the condition that all family members wear this once a day.

Personal Offerings
There are some who are accustomed to make particular offerings to the Santa Muerte, like candy, chocolate, watches, certain herbs, photos and a list of endless kindness it is what ever you prefer, just keep in mind that there are certain things that she does need and other offerings you will give for yourself.

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