How to Work With the Santa Muerte

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How to Work With the Santa Muerte

Try to always ask for what is right

The Santa Muerte on your alter whether at your home or business will watch over your well being and over your family, this is one of the most powerful protections that exist in the Santa Muerte she will be at ease knowing there is a candle lit along with an offering of a drink now there will be moments when you will be in need of her help and you will have to come to her and ask for a special favor the Santa Muerte will surely come to your need but for that you will have aware that the Santa Muerte poses a very powerful energy and she will come through and help you resolve your problems in the best way, but be careful if you do not know how to handle this power, it is possible that the job or favor will go against you.
There are two types of jobs: personal ones and those of others now the personal one’s are sincere and mostly always work when you use the Santa Muerte’s energy with yours that is why you should have a lot of faith,devotion and trust in what you do and to fulfill a favor or job of someone else, you will need to double the faith, devotion and trust.

Try to always ask for what is right, justice and always follow strict instructions never mix the cult of the Santa Muerte with other practices one who practices this knows the equivalency between santeria and palomayombre.
To fulfill jobs or favors for others in need, you will need a special preparation like true faith and the actual vocation of that special gift in order to do it never ask for money or to satisfy to bring down passion,remember that hatred and irresponsibility will come back sooner or later and sooner than you would imagine.

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