To Consult With the Santa Muerte

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To Consult With the Santa Muerte

At least during the week, try to keep you body free from mental and physical impurity

If you believe that you can a special gift or if the Santa Muerte has revealed to you that you have the capacity to work for her and will help your neighbor, then by all means, go ahead and do it, but if you think that you have the vocation and the Santa Muerte has not welcomed you under her cloak, the best thing to do is to ask her directly.
At least during the week, try to keep you body free from mental and physical impurity like going to parties, eat excessively, get intoxicated, have intimate contact, become angry or get depressed, etc…you will try to maintain harmony within your family and those who surround you pray to the Santa Muerte everyday at noon imploring her to lead you in the right path, open roads and at bedtime you should do the same before her image always have her candle lit and on tuesday nights place a glass of water the glass should be new and clean inside and out the water should be from the faucet do not fill to the top allow about an inch or two space, then place it in front of the Santa Muerte with the candle by her side you may purchase this candle at any store you will write your name on the side close the Santa Muerte and place it on a clay bowl it can also be a plate or an ash tray always light the candle with your right hand using wooden matches you will stand before the image of the Santa Muerte and ask her if you may work with her in order to help other people and when you are finished you will cover the glass of water with a piece of white linen you will go to bed with the surety and secure thought that the Santa Muerte will reveal and answer through the water and candle.
The following day you will rise early and without any rush you will wash up then you will go to your alter and pray how you would normally do so when you are finished, check to see how the candle has melted if the wax distorted or if it settled on the plate, then it is a good sign if it appears to be smoked or formed like figures of some type, then that is not a good indication.
Immediately after observing the candle you should notice the glass of water if there are many little bubbles formed in the water, then that is a sign that the Santa Muerte is aware that you can work with her now if the water in the glass appears to be dirty or dust on the surface then that is a clear indication that she will not authorize to use her power with others.
Once you see the results and if they appear to be negative, you should give her thanks to her answer you will not do anything to bother her and you should give thanks and wait for the proper time to try the same ritual again at a later date because the Santa Muerte will protect you and your family.
Now if you are fortunate enough to be accepted by the Santa Muerte and she authorizes you to work with her to help other people, you will have to prepare yourself physically and spiritually being her energy is very powerful when you begin never carry out more than one favor or job observe and come to realize your judgements and mistakes you commit and learn from them in time and with experience you acquire, you will be able to fulfill more than one job at a time but as you first begin never take you first job over love, money or for legal problems because they can cross and reverse against you the rituals at the beginning should be small and simple because your alter may pickup negative or dark energy which may require you to make a cleansing in order to remove the site.

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