Advice on How to Fulfill the Rituals

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Advice on How to Fulfill the Rituals

You should always use your two fingers or a metal lid to do it never blow your candles out, never trow away in the garbage items used, but to be place under a tree.

These rituals are very effective and have been proven by devoters, witchdoctors or spiritual healers some are very ancient others are recent we recommend for you to use them only in the time of real necessities take very good care of every detail, remember that you will bring happiness or misfortune when you begin you must first be sure and read the prayers from the book, but eventually you will have to memorize them if at a later time you are to fulfill a ritual and for some reason you do not remember the prayer, improvise with your own words keep in mind that the best prayer will come from your heart
when you work to fulfill a ritual for love, never cry because tears contain salt and tears will break the ritual that you are trying to fulfill, but if yo u can not control yourself it would be best to cancel for the time being, calm down and fulfill it another day.
The candles should be of paraffin unless the ritual calls for another also remember that you can use candles dedicated to the Santa Muerte and always use wooden matches to light them with your right hand if you do not have wooden matches, then it would be fine to use regular ones to turn the candles off, you should always use your two fingers or a metal lid to do it never blow your candles out.
The material used should always be new if you feel sick or do not feel well,cancel and continue the following day when a ritual requires cleansing yourself with the candles, always start from your head going down to your feet try to always have 2 or 3 extra candles at hand so when the candle is wearing down, immediately light another one with the same flame in order to keep them continuously lit at your alter.

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