The Power of Three Santa Muerte’s

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The Power of Three Santa Muerte’s

A powerful ritual for a faithful devoter.

This ritual is very powerful, that is why we suggest that you should fulfill it only when you find it profoundly towards the mysteries of the Santa Muerte and being a totally faithful devoter.

Three bulks of images of the Santa Muerte in white, bone, black and red
A clay in-censer
Fixed incense (copal, scrap, myrrh)
Special alter cloth of the Santa Muerte
Tortilla ashes

This ritual should only be done on the 9th of every month and can be carried out every month of the year even though we recommend you do it in september being the 9th month of the year the ceremony should take place at 9 o’clock at night on that day you should not eat red meat or consume liquor it is recommended to bathe before initiating this ritual first, get a white cloth dedicated to the Santa Muerte, buy it or embroider one on the center of the cloth with the image of the Santa Muerte using black thread or yarn if you can not embroider one, you may buy a sticker or stamp of the Santa Muerte and iron on the center of the cloth find a clay in-censer and burn the incense once doing it, ask the Santa Muerte to accept your petition then place the three images of the Santa Muerte around the in-censer in a triangle shape at the head you will place the white image (or bone color)and to her left you will place the black image and to her right you will place the red image of the Santa Muerte pray the prayer to the scythe protector and light the candle dedicated to the Santa Muerte and then set it on a clay plate behind the white image of the Santa Muerte immediately after 9 minutes after lighting the candle, lift the white image of the Santa Muerte and write your name with your right index finger on the cloth using the tortilla ashes then place the image back on top of it again, pray the prayer over,wait 9 minutes and repeat in the same manner with the red image of the Santa Muerte next, do the same with the black image of the Santa Muerte finally,with the rest of the ashes write your name under one of the pleats of the cloth making sure it is not visible also, the Santa Muerte will follow the same form:

Santa Muerte (your name) Santa Muerte

In completion, leave the Santa Muerte a special offering like a flower, food,fruit, mescal or tequila remember you will make an offering all year long offer something that you will always have at hand or whatever you can get without any difficulty also, make sure you always have incense and paraffin glass candles thank the Santa Muerte for her protection, rest assure that with this ritual she will protect you where ever you go she will protect you against any harm and for when ever you will call on her for help.

Prayer to the Santa Muerte

White lady, black lady,
I come before you to ask,
to implore that you make your strength,
power and your omnipresence against
those who intend to destroy me my lady
I ask you to be my shield and my defender
against everything bad,
that you my protector sever
all obstacles that intervene,
open doors that have closed before me
and show me the right path my lady,
there is nothing bad that you can not conquer,
nor be impossible to double under your will to her
I give myself and await your kindness

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